Whether I’m at the helm of a new script, older opera score, or something in between, my focus is on research, storytelling, and world-building. As a director, my approach is highly collaborative and based in a deep-seated respect for performers and designers. Through empowering my entire artistic team to contribute wholly and personally to our storytelling, I foster the creation of a cohesive and impactful final product. No matter when the source material was written, my work strives for contemporary social relevance and clear, compelling storytelling that entertains as much as it provokes. It gives me great satisfaction when an audience member connects with a piece they initially thought had nothing to say to them. I am often drawn to stories about women, new work, and stories about the risks and rewards of human connection. I strive to make work that creates conversation; either interpersonally, or across a community, or both.

I believe live performance is a medium of interpretation and imagination on the part of its creators and its audience. My visual aesthetic reflects that by being performer-driven, spare, and evocative rather than realistic.

As an acting teacher and coach, my work is grounded in Stanislavski-inspired script analysis combined with an open sense of play and emphasis on self discovery. I have helped hundreds of students develop a practical, personal approach to acting technique and craft and, in the process, practice empathy and learn about themselves and their worldview.

Photographer: Headshots by Holly