OR, (Simple Machine/Maiden Phoenix)

The Boston Globe | Terry Byrne | Slightly Bigger is Better When Two Small Troupes Pair Up [Full Review]

Rabbit Reviews Boston | James Wilkinson | “Kudos, as well, should be paid to director Adrienne Boris for pulling all of the various strings together without letting the various elements fly out of control … Boris’ clean and purposeful staging allows the actors to realize their full comic potential and the play to build on its gathering energy. It’s a production that as far as I can tell, doesn’t put a single foot wrong through its ninety minute run time.” [Full Review]

New England Theatre Geek | Gillian Daniels | “Paired with an elegant but brief title, and the weight of a poetess icon, the show heaves with ambition before it’s even out of the gate. I did not leave disappointed. The show is magic, if magic is a thing that only exists as infinite possibility.” [Full Review]

Next to Normal (Arts After Hours)

Broadway from the Balcony | Scott C. Forest-Allan | “The production comes alive under the sensitive direction of Adrienne Boris, complemented by the outstanding lighting design by Keithlyn Parkman … this production will leave you devastatingly breathless.” [Full Review]

The Daily Item | “Adrienne Boris directs this ambitious, challenging project with a deft touch, adding subtle humor when it is most needed.” [Full Review]

35th Anniversary Elliot Norton Awards (Boston Theatre Critics Association)

The Boston Globe | Jeffrey Gantz | “Hosted by the Boston Theater Critics Association at the BU Theatre Monday evening, the 35th Elliot Norton Awards ceremony zipped by in what must have been a record 2 hours and 15 minutes. But it was a boisterous, exuberant, jam-packed affair.” [Full Review]

La Bohème (NEMPAC Opera Project)

Boston Musical Intelligencer | Kate Stringer | “A story of starving artists living and dying in penury and squalor runs the automatic risk of becoming flatly maudlin; thankfully, however, under the capable direction of the NEMPAC artists, the performance [La Bohème] was suffused with great warmth, humanity and vitality.” [Full Review]

Sacred Wood (Opera Bites: Boston Opera Collaborative)

The Boston Globe | Jeffrey Gantz | “The program’s highlights were ‘Tempo fuori del tempo’ and ‘The Sacred Wood.’” [Full Review]